PHOENICI is a startup in Identity Protection. Some want to categories us as REGTech company, other as a FINTech, honestly we like both, but the most important is not how you are called but what we do for our customers.

So we are specialised in "IDENTITY PROTECTION SOLUTIONS" for individuals and professionnals. This means that we have developped various services that help customers directly against Identity Theft problems, and inderictly with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controles, Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications and finally GDPR regulation respect.

Discover below how we turned a vision into an idea and solutions into actions with our solutions PHOENICI IDENTITY LOCK.


A new vision

If visionary is, to look at a problem from another direction then everyone, hence that’s what we are. Because you deserve to have the choice for visionary solutions. All effective vision defines the core ideals, that give a business shape and direction. Our vision is that you feel your identity safe.


We developped our methodology because we understood that knowing how things work reduces the efforts and the risks. This is a fundamental principle. Being aware of what we know makes easily recognizable what we ignore. Thus we are more humble to learn and adapt to help our clients.

Passion & Loyalty

Emotional attachments like passion and loyalty don’t come from a corporate “how-to” manual. It comes from having special personal experiences, phenomenal products and services that people are so proud to be connected with that they want to share what an awesome place they’ve found. This is our aim.


Why we do what we do

We do what we do FOR YOU!

For the safety of your identity, for you to keep the right to decide to have one or multiple social network accounts, or none. Life is already full of surprises, to not allow people with bad intentions interfer with your plans.

How we do what we do

We do what we do with RESPECT.

We like to call ourself GUARDIAN OF YOUR IDENTITY, which actually means that you remain the owner of your documents.

Let us explain why we raise this ownership fact. Today when you provide a copy of your identity card, working contract or even your social security number, the copy (even certified true copy) becomes the property of the profssional you gave it to (Bank, Insurance, Phone operator, Realtor, etc)! This is why identity theft has such a prolific activity.

At PHOENICI what‘s yours remains yours, we are there to protect your identity. Now that you know WHY and HOW we do what we do, let’s TRUST EACH OTHER!


We apply a unique methodology of identity protection we called PHOENICI IDENTITY LOCK! The purpose of our methodology is to prevents against identity theft and also to rehabilitate victims of identity theft. In addition we have various business solutions which help professionals to be armed to manage identity theft issues, in an area of digitalization, to reassure the costumers. We provide diverse specific services depending if our customer is an individual (private person) or a company (legal entity). Discover our unique identity protections for you:

ID Prudential

This formula provides to our clients, after being registered and their identity certified, an IAC “Identity Authentication Certificate”. With 1 single document, you will be able to justify your identity to third parties (Banks, Insurance, Public Services, Home Owner,...).



This formula provides to persons already victim of identity theft, with a specific additional information modul on them, to attest of their identity. This service allows our clients to resume the course of their life normally, while the legal proceedings are in progress.



This formula concerns more specifically companies, executives and celebrities (public figures), who are very exposed to the risks of identity theft and for whom our solutions are the best adapted the new social networking sphere.



Identity - AML - GDPR

As a professional of the financial industry, we provide alfready different kind of support services to ordinary and/or alternative investments funds, as well for ON-SHORE than OFF-SHORE funds. We advise investment management companies and funds in the the respect of Anti-Money Laundering process, the implementation of GDPR intern rules, but most of all the Identity protection intern processes.

Hence our clients are retail investors, institutional investors, entrepreneurs, companies, family offices, non-profit organisations and asset managers, ultra high - and high net worth investors.



Our services are oriented to remove pressure from the client's organization, when dealing with banking, legal and finance issues, but also marketing and wealth management.

We understood the importance of having trusted relation with banks that have the same approach as our clients. Beyond their traditional roles, Banks are specialized in Project Financing, in Depositary Services or others, we have created close ties with the major Banks that will match with our clients expactations. We have also established strong partnership with diverse financial services providers (Lawyers, Domiciliation agents, Central Administrations, Accounting agents, etc.) in Luxembourg and also abroad in order to facilitate the realization of the project(s).

Talented specialists for you

The ability to bring others to your way of thinking, without force or coercion is important in business. Influencing others is a transferable skill business persons take with them from job to job in the business world. Our teams are composed of talented specialist who love what they do, which makes the solution easier to find. We handle fundraising, merger and acquisition, integration of ventures with effective methods, for supplementing their product and business portfolio with the best available technologies and providers.


We provide diverse services and in order for you to have a more clear idea of the skills of our teams, find here below a list of some of them:

  • Due diligence compliant support
  • Anti-money laundering analysis
  • Constitution of companies and funds
  • Support on liquidation, transfer, and merger
  • Board & shareholder meetings organisation
  • ...

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Special services
  • Independant UCITS Directorship (UCITS, UCI, AIF,...)
  • Independant Conducting Officer mandate
  • Statutory auditor mandate (commissaire aux comptes)
  • Real Estate Property Management
  • ...

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We stress the importance of understanding all of the risks of any form of investing that you choose to do. One should fully understand the worst-case scenario prior to investing. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You take full responsibility for all trading actions, and should make every effort to understand the risks involved.